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Clinics & Services

Services Provided At The Practice

Asthma Clinic

Regular checks ensure that your asthma is as trouble free as possible, that your treatment suits you and that you know when to get emergency advice.

Diabetic Clinic

All people with diabetes are seen 3, 6 or 12 monthly. We aim to maintain good control and promote health.

Dietary Advice

The doctor may refer you to the nurse, or you may make an appointment yourself.

Stop Smoking Advice and Support

Our Practice Nurses offer support and advice to help Patient's to stop smoking.

Please contact our reception to book an appointment.


Comprehensive confidential advice is available from the doctors or the nurses.

Flu Vaccinations

Patients who are 65 and also those with chronic heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetics, severe asthmatics and residents in nursing and rest homes should have flu vaccinations. If you have already had a vaccination last year you will be sent an invitation every year. If you have not, please contact reception in September for details.

Adult Vaccinations

All adults should have a tetanus booster every 10 years.If you have never had a tetanus injection it is important to have a course of three injections. Please ask at reception.

Holiday Vaccinations

Advice and holiday vaccinations are available from the practice nurse. They should be given approximately 1 month before your holiday.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the links below

Europe & Russia North America
Central Asia Central America
East Asia South America
Middle East Caribbean
Africa Australasia and Pacific

Minor Surgery

The removal of moles, cysts, ingrown toenails and injection of joints can be undertaken at the surgery, saving you the time and bother of a hospital visit. Please make an appointment to see the doctor first if you think you require any of these.

Health Screening

Screening involves picking up the earliest signs of illness before it has had a chance to damage your health. Any of our adult patients can come for a health check where checks will be made of your weight, height and blood pressure and our nurse can advise you on diet, smoking and other aspects of your lifestyle that may affect your health.

The prevention of heart disease is a priority and the nurses offer regular checks for patients with high blood pressure and a family history of disease. Cholesterol screening is also offered to those at risk.

Cervical Smears

Women 25 - 65 should have a cervical smear every three or five years depending on age. This is a simple, quick test which may detect early changes in the womb. If these are treated straightaway we can prevent the cancer ever developing. Patients are called for a smear by letter. If you think you are due for a smear and have not been recalled, please let us know. When making an appointment for a smear please mention this fact to the receptionist.


Women between the age of 50 and 65 will be offered a mammogram every three years as part of the National Breast Screening Programme with automatic recall. Should you not receive an invitation for this test please contact the surgery. The Breast Screening Service are gradually changing the automatic invitation system to include women up to 70 years old. At the moment, if you are 65 or over, you will not automatically be invited for screening but you will be screened for free every three years if you ask for it.

Carer Support

We have a Carer support officer based at the practice who can offer help

Nurse Clinics

Practice Nurses

Our practice nurses are all experienced registered general nurses. They carry out a variety of tasks including injections, immunisations, travel advice and vaccinations, smoking cessation, dietary advice, blood tests, ear syringing, removal of stitches, dressings, ECG's, blood pressure checks, cervical smears and health checks. They also have specialised training in the care of Asthma, Diabetes, CHD and COPD. Appts are available for patients to book directly into practice nurse and nurse Practitioner clinics.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse Practitioner is an experienced Registered nurse with an Advanced nurse Practitioner in Primary Care Qualification who can prescribe a wide range of medicines. The nurse Practitioner is an alternative point of contact to a GP and can deal with a wide range of common medical problems across all age ranges. If you are unsure whether or not your problem can be dealt with by the nurse Practitioner it is always best to ask before booking the appointment. Nurse Practitioners cannot issue sick notes.

Health Care Assistant

The health care assistant role has grown over recent years and they now take on parts of nursing care previously undertaken by qualified nurses. Health care assistants are members of the nursing team. There roles include Venepunctuire, Blood Pressure checks, Urine checks but after training the roles can go on to include Immunisations, Dressings, Diabetes care, Assisting Minor surgery and ECG's. They also take on administration tasks concerning the nursing team to assist the qualified nurses. Health care assistants do not have a professional registration and are therefore accountable to a qualified nurse.

Attached Serivces

  • District Nurses: 01274 256131
  • Health Visitors: 01274 221223
  • Midwives: 01535 292411

Midwife clinics

The community midwife works together with the doctors to provide full maternity care. Parent craft classes for you and your partner are organised by your midwife. If you want your midwife to deliver you it may be possible for you to have a 'domino' delivery. After your baby's birth your community midwife will visit you at home regularly for up to 28 days.

Midwives appointments are available for patients to book directly into midwives 1st appointment and follow up clinics

District nurses

The district nursing team work closely with the doctors to care for chronically sick, post operative patients, those with physical disabilities and people with terminal illnesses. They can support and advise carers in the home about nursing needs to help patients remain at home.


Chiropody is provided for diabetics and the elderly at Ling House by appointment. Appointments for this clinic are arranged by chiropody department Telephone No: 01274 323962. For those patients who recieve home visits from this service Telephone No: 01274 323973

Counselling And Psychotherapy

Our counselling service aims to help with problems of anxiety, depression, bereavement or loss, sexual abuse, conflicts at work or home when the doctor feels you need extra time.

Local Services